Soccer Practice

Mini - Futsal

In partnership with Multicultural Sports Club (MSC), we are currently conducting a Mini-Futsal program in Kingston - with the aim of introducing the sport of Futsal to more members of the community.

Girls Soccer Team

social Student futsal

For students who love the sport, this is a great opportunity to have fun and socialize. Students who show proof of a valid (university) student ID get discounted rates for social games organized.

Orange Balls

All - abilities training

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Senior Soccer Players

Walking futsal

Walking Futsal is a low-impact and no-contact team based futsal exercise organized for soccer/futsal enthusiast who are 50 years and above. It is a great way to socialize and also stay physically active.

Shuttlecock and Badminton Racket


Our indoor court is a perfect spot to play this racquet sport and leagues for people from all walks of life. We are open to those who love and are interested in the sport.